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Going ‘Firm’ On Your Next Housing Purchase

September 24, 2013

This week, MonsterMortgage.ca talks about the ‘Firm’ offer and what it means to you when searching for your next home.

MonsterMortgage.ca Mortgage Expert Kristian Harris discusses a decision that many prospective home-owners often have to make – whether to submit an offer to purchase a home based on the condition that they can acquire sufficient financing to complete the transaction, or to place a ‘firm’ offer which omits the financing condition.

There are real estate markets where prospective home-owners might decide that a ‘firm’ offer is necessary to obtain their desired property. Sellers, on the other hand, may have to decide between a number of offers and an offer not dependent on conditional financing might be the difference between two bids offering a similar dollar amount on their property.

In this week’s video blog, Kristian speaks to these firm offers and the prospective home-owners considering them for their next property purchase. While there are benefits to placing a firm offer on the home of your dreams, there are also a number of items of which prospective buyers should have prepared before placing their offer.

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