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Helpful Tips 30 Days Before You Move

October 26, 2012

Last month, we started our series of “Helpful Tips” that can help you better plan your move into your new home. There is a lot that goes on when you move whether you are a first time home buyer or this is your fourth or fifth time moving. Following these simple tips will go a long way to ensuring that your move is a smooth and enjoyable one.

Today, we focus on what you should do 30 days before moving. Some of the items on the list may sound familiar and that is because they are…consider them reminders in case you missed them the first time round.

  1. Call your cable, internet and phone providers 30 days prior to move your services and book your installation.
  2. Back up your computer data files.
  3. Prepare a file to keep receipts of moving expenses and reimbursements for tax deductions.
  4. Get estimates from moving companies and arrange method of payment.
  5. Transfer or resign club memberships.
  6. Notify the appropriate Ministry of Transportation in your province.
  7. Change your address on Canada Posts website
  8. Notify credit card companies, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.
  9. Notify alarm service.
  10. Arrange for cancellation or change of address for newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  11. Assure you have adequate insurance for goods in transit.
  12. Arrange for friends and family to help you on moving day.
  13. Arrange for any cleaning or repairs that has to be done at your new home.
  14. Plan a going-away party for your family and friends — got have some fun after all!
  15. Take down any fixtures fastened to wall.
  16. Take down curtains, blinds, rods, shelves. Unfasten any fixed carpets that are to be moved.
  17. Reserve elevator if moving from or to a building.

We have Part 3 – “What to do 7 days before you move” and Part 4 “What to do 1 day before you move” left in our series and we will be posting those over the coming weeks. Of course if you are like others that find themselves in the middle of a move and would like the additional tips sooner rather than later, please don’t hesitate to contact me I will gladly provide you with Parts 3 and 4 in advance.

Good luck with your planning.