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The Official Countdown to the Toronto Challenge Begins!

City of Toronto – Press Release The official countdown to the 24th annual Toronto Challenge…Read More

Is it Your Money or Your Bank’s?

  I am all for a strong central banking system here in Canada, if anything,…Read More

A Thank-You to Our MonsterMortgage.ca Clients

On behalf of MonsterMortgage.ca I would like to thank those who participated in the 2014…Read More

Do Appraisals Impact Your Mortgage?

Clients will often wonder why an appraisal is necessary; isn’t it enough to know what…Read More

Your Local Mortgage Broker vs. The Bank

BANKS VS. MORTGAGE BROKER Interesting comparisons about typical customers – – which one are you?…Read More

Helpful Tips 1 Day Before You Move

This is it! Your moving day is tomorrow and if you’ve been following the MonsterMortgage.ca…Read More

Helpful Tips 7 Days Before You Move

This past September, MonsterMortgage.ca started our blog series of “Helpful Tips” that can help you…Read More

Top Ten Closing Costs for Your Home

As a first time home buyer working with MonsterMortgage.ca, you will have access to multiple…Read More

Little Guy Beats Big Banks

ANOTHER CLIENT LEAVES THEIR BANK FOR MONSTERMORTGAGE.CA Please note the name of the bank mentioned…Read More

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Do you know what the the most important number is that you need to know…Read More